Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back from Retreat

I'm back! ~ which I suppose means I'm about to start posting many days' worth of photos!

This retreat started and ended with a dramatic difference from most similar experiences of my life, which have been remarkably solitary endeavors.  I have been to two other Jesuit retreat houses, in Ontario and in Michigan, and both times I arrived knowing no one.  (In fact, when I went to Guelph the first time, the Canadian customs official at the border looked quite skeptical when my response to his question about whom I knew at my stated destination was "Nobody.")  And then I left knowing no one except the spiritual director with whom I'd been meeting.

This time I made a day of my journeys both ways, starting last Tuesday with breakfast at seminary with one of my professors and moving on toward a meeting and meal with Wayne of Stratoz and Michelle of Quantum Theology!  Wayne has visited us here so it was a little reunion for us, while for Michelle and me it was a first time meeting after many, many online exchanges!  The photo is stolen from her FB post.  Yesterday I made a reverse expedition, stopping again at the seminary to meet up with another professor and then talk with and have dinner with other friends.  I received a lot of questions about what eight days of silence is like, so I'll write a bit about that when I get around to it.

For now, let me just add as a footnote that it is extremely fun to have dinner at the seminary without an evening of study in the library looming ahead!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your retreat. It takes a lot of courage to go into the silence; I hope to do it myself, some day.

  2. Welcome back. Look forward to your reflections. I ordered "Patience with God".

  3. I'm also looking forward to your reflections in due time, but also how your retreat continues to shape your outlook and focus. Silence, sacrament and prayer to be alone with God; it's the stuff which sustains our soul.

  4. Eight days of silent retreat sounds divine. I look forward to your pictures and reflections on this time...and, how fun to have these meet-ups!

  5. glad we could welcome you to this side of PA.