Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wernersville Photos


I'm not happy with Blogger's new photo uploader (see post below), and it's been such a hassle that I've lost interest in trying to post anything in any kind of order.  So, a kind of mishmash:

Cloud formations on my first full day of retreat.  It occurred to me that they accurately illustrated what seemed to be happening: thunder and darkness on my part and the light of God trying to break through.

Statue of Ignatius the Pilgrim.  A very nice welcome, as I had spent some of my drive listening to a set of recordings on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises just made by a Jesuit dear to me, and he makes extensive use of the pilgrimage metaphor.

View to the south.  The retreat center sits on 250-plus acres.

West cloister garden.  You can venture out on the roofs of the cloister walks, which is what I did most mornings with my cereal and juice and late most evenings with my hot chocolate.


  1. Gorgeous. I'm glad to hear your voice in this space again.

  2. Thanks they are lovely. I post my photos on Live Journal because it works and I can't get anything else to. And then I link. I don't understand why things can be so frustrating.