Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twenty-Five Months and Twenty-Five Days

Yesterday morning was the first one on which I did not wake up thinking of Josh.  Well, I already had, at about 3:00 a.m per usual, but at 7:00 I was thinking that I needed to haul myself out of bed and take the dog to the vet and make sure that The Quiet Husband had not left the toilet lid up since Tip was not allowed to have water before her dental work.  I didn't think of Josh until about 20 minutes later, after I had gotten dressed and sat down to check my e-mail.

Let's just say that it's better to start the day with where you are than to be surprised by it.


Last night, Gregarious Son and I were watching Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode and, remembering how the Lovely Daughter and her friends used to dress up and go to the midnight showing once in awhile when they were in high school, I thought, "I should call Josh and tell him to watch this."


  1. That hurts.
    If it's any comfort, I don't awaken thinking of Katie every day, but I like to look at her photo (by our bed) as I'm going to sleep at night. I also think of her whenever we're doing something she would enjoy - like at David's Fall Family event last weekend. I kept thinking that she would have loved meeting all of the cute guys, checking out the college girls' clothes, seeing her cousins, looking at the college as a possibility for herself, etc. I wish it had been so - and I wish Josh was here for you to call when you think of him, too.

  2. These days, I see my sister every time I look in the mirror...