Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oddly Enough, It's Not All About Me

Many, I don't know how many, years ago, there was a website called Moms Online, and a group of moms began following one another' lives there, posting adventures and misadventures along with both considered and idiotic opinions.  (This was back in the age of the Cave Girl, when debates over breast vs. bottle, cloth vs. disposable,  and TWONTW could send otherwise intelligent and articulate women into paroxysms of self-righteousness.  I know this because I was, uh, there.)(My views, which matter oh so much: breast, disposable, work or not ~ whatever.) This was several years before blogging and FB offered other means of communicating and, when Moms Online folded, several of those moms just kept  communicating via an email loop. And we are still talking online, on an almost daily basis. 

Today my dear friend Bean, sophisticated New York businesswoman, wife of a musician, and mother of a high school girl I feel as if I've known since she was, I think, not yet in school at all, celebrates the beginning of Year Six since her breast cancer diagnosis.  She is one amazing woman, but she tells it much better than I ever could.  I'm very proud to have her in my life.  Here's to Six Times Six More and Then Some!


  1. Caught up with your blog again today. Feels so good to reconnect with your life, especially your big news!! I read it on FB, but here I get the details. The process. You have such determination, Robin. You amaze me and you are going to be such a gift to whichever church or ministry gets you!
    Love that photo on top too.

  2. Proud to call both you and Bean my friends. You're both remarkable and strong women.