Saturday, October 2, 2010

Inter Alia

Inter alia is Latin for "among other things, as I explained to my law student son the other night. Herewith, inter alia:

The plan for tomorrow night is to accompany a small group of friends to a suicide prevention walk.  At least two of us are not at all sure that we believe in suicide prevention, but apparently we are willing to consider it as a possibility.  ("What do you mean, 'believe in'?" asked the Lovely Daughter.  "I don't know," I said.)

On Tuesday, it will be 50 years since this day.  Unlike my friend Laurie, looking at the photos I've been posting does not make me ill.  They bring me a great deal of pleasure.  Life can be, at times, pervaded by joy; at others, filled with darkness. So be it; we do not get to choose.

This year, ironically, I am going to spend much of October 5 driving.  First, to Pittsburgh, for breakfast with one of my seminary professors, so that we can continue our discussion about, inter alia (!), whether God suffers.  Then, to eastern Pennsylvania, for a late lunch with Michelle and Wayne (!) ~ one of my little interfaith Ignatian groups of friends, this one forged via blogging.

And then, on to Wernersville for eight days of retreat. 

So, over the next few days: lots of walking and driving and conversation and then  . . . SILENCE.


  1. Hugs and prayers for the journey.

  2. I remember reading this chills me again today. Robin, I am so deeply sorry for your loss, your family's loss. It is too terrible for words to bring real comfort. Perhaps the company of your mentor, your friends and family, and then the silence of your retreat will bring comfort to your deepest heart - I pray it will be so. I will miss your presence in the coming days (but am glad you will have this retreat), and look forward to your return. Sending much love to you.

  3. I am so glad you and Michelle, IIRC, finally get to meet each other's wonderfulness in person...And will pray for the retreat beginning on such a hard day to be gentle and deeply blessed.

  4. The pictures you have posted of your family are simply beautiful. In one picture I could see how much your daughter has received from your mother in the way she smiles. I am so sorry for so much loss in your life.

    I spent most of Friday and a good part of yesterday on my relatively new mac notebook, culling through the pictures of Loyola this summer and then using a Mac feature that makes it easy to put together a picture book. I am still thankful for the advice you and MIchelle gave me as a I prepared those 8 days. I will pray for you on yours. Vaya con Dios, mi amiga.

  5. Rosa,

    More importantly, my daughter can SING like my mother. A gene that skips generations, apparently.

    Thank you for the prayer.

  6. I hope that your upcoming journey(s) bring you peace and perspective and that the silence is a welcome guest in your life.