Saturday, October 23, 2010

Silent But Not Alone

The rooms at Wernersville are VERY SMALL, as they are at most similar places.  And I am a very messy person, so there were challenges.  I had to pick up even my window sill every day, because things have a way of piling up.  The gremlins, you know ~ they, too, like silent retreats.

When it was cleaned up, my window looked like this:

Chocolate from Michelle, along with a note on the back of a card.

A portrait of St. Ignatius, with the Suscipe on the back.

One of my favorite pictures of my three kids, on the beach in St. Augustine.

My ipod.

A drawing which Wayne made during his own retreat at Wernersville.  It flames right up when the sun shines from the back.

A card with a quote from Julian of Norwich, a gift from a friend and colleague from home who was there the same week that I was, directing four retreatants.

The room was SO TINY that I had no choice but to be reminded each day that there were other people there with me.  And that was very good.


  1. I'm glad you weren't alone! Did you share any of the chocolate with my director?

  2. Oh, Michelle, you were far too generous. He (and his future retreatants) got lots of chocolate!

  3. Loaves and fishes in another guise???