Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to the Four Questions!

The first question, on August 7, got +/- 25 responses and was as follows:

Take a minute and write down your responses to the following.  No context ~ just whatever responses pop into your mind.  Be as general or specific as you want, using as few words as possible.

1. Five colors.

2. Five cities.

3.  Five landscapes.

4.  Five interiors.

5. Five things you might wear. 

The second question, posted on August 8, got about 15 responses:

Within each of your groups, do you seen commonalities?

The third question, on August 10 ~ about 13 responses:

What do you consider to be the big question or conundrum of your life?

The fourth question, posted on August 11, generated only four answers:
How do you connect your answers?
And then I went on vacation, and then Many Other Things Happened.  I'm eventually going to post my answer to the 4th ~ so here's your chance to catch up before I do!

1 comment:

  1. I went back a little late and answered the last three in one night, or something like that...curious to see where this goes. :-)