Sunday, August 7, 2011

Try This

Take a minute and write down your responses to the following.  No context ~ just whatever responses pop into your mind.  Be as general or specific as you want, using as few words as possible.

1. Five colors.

2. Five cities.

3.  Five landscapes.

4.  Five interiors.

5. Five things you might wear.

When at least  ten people have responded, either in their comments or in their own blogs, I'll tell you the next step.  There are four steps in all.


  1. OK,
    Colors pink red blue green orange
    cities new york memphis paris hanoi tampa singapore
    landscapes what is landscapes? Half Dome, Great barrier reef, arches nat'l park, everest, sitka

    interiors laliabela, taj, Fairmount PC, notre dame, my house,

    wear, pjs, dress, capris, running shorts, swimming suit

  2. Here you go:
    Colors: Red, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange

    Cities: St. Louis, Chicago, New York, London, Florence

    Landscapes: White Mountains of New Hampshire, Zion National Park, Hawaiian Islands (any and all), Atlantic Ocean in Maine, Caribbean

    Interiors: The Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis, my car, my newly decorated living room, a spa treatment room (anywhere since I'd love a massage and/or facial), Notre Dame

    Things I might wear: sandals, shorts, earrings, comfy fleece jacket, my Lululemon yoga pants

  3. Colors: Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Lava Red, Sunrise Orange, Iris Purple
    Cities: Berlin, San Antonio, Juneau, Hilo, Boise
    Landscapes: Underwater Reef, Live Volcano, Grand Tetons, Texas Panhandle, Beachfront
    Interior: Library, my living room, Grocery Store, Kitchen, Office
    Wear: Bikini, Biking gear, wedding dress, sundress, parka

  4. Colours- purple, white,grey, black, blue
    Cities-London, Granada, New York,Paris, Amsterdam
    Landscapes- London Skyline,Sierra Nevada mountains,Amritsar,Hampstead Heath,Atlantic Ocean(Ireland)
    Interior- St John the Divine NY, the Guggenheim, British library,my kitchen, Golden Temple -Amritsar
    Clothes-Birkenstocks, cashmere scarf,linen trousers,earrings,fitflops


  6. Right here I go

    Colours - Green, blue, yellow, cerise, Lime

    Cities - Harare, Johannesburg, Kwekwe, London, New York

    Landscapes - Kariba, Matusadona, Seaside, Masvingo plains, Zambesi escarpment.

    Interiors - Hadassah Medical Centre - Chagall Windows, Lucy in Ethiopia, Franciscan church in Jerusalem, St Georges School chapel, Church of the Annunciation Nazareth

    Clothes - Hat, sweater, track suit, trousers, shirt

  7. Colors: indigo blue, earthy brown, sage green, burgundy red, sunflower yellow.

    Cities: Paris, Washington DC, Sao Paolo, Jerusalem, London

    Landscapes: mountains, forest river banks, fresh snowfall, spring flowers and blooming fruit trees, garden plump with produce ready to harvest

    Interiors: my kitchen, St. John's a little Episcopal church on NW side of Chicago, the Field Museum in Chicago, Christ Episcopal Church in Dearborn, Desert House of Prayer in Tucson

    Clothes: shorts, T-shirts, sandals, jeans, cotton turtleneck shirts

  8. Thanks, Robin! I played here. Very intrigued and looking forward to playing part two!

  9. 1. red, blue, green, purple, beige
    2. new orleans, memphis, nashville, st. louis, washington d.c.
    3.smoky mountains, the grand canyon, the gulf coast, kudzu covered trees, cotton field at harvest
    4. fireplace hearth, a sunlit kitchen, a church sanctuary, a library, a reading nook
    5.khakis, turtleneck, scarf, loafers, pearls

  10. colors: black; teal green; purple; blue; forest green;
    cities: San Francisco; Rome; London; Brooklyn; DC;
    Landscapes: Mendocino coast; Lake Como and the view of the Alps from the lake; Mt Desert Island; Sierra Nevadas; Olympic National Park
    Interiors: Rodin museum; Academe in Florence; coffee shop; ski lodge; my home office
    wear: jeans; bulky sweater; t-shirt; boots; sun glasses

  11. Okay, here goes
    Colors: Pink, blue, red, green orange
    Cities: Jefferson City, Cincinnati, Arlington, St. Louis, Minneapolis
    Landscapes: The beach, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Fields of corn, forest
    Interiors: church, my home office, Mom's kitchen, library, chapel at Marydale
    Wear: dress, capris, tshirts, sandals, jewelry

  12. Colors: Blue, Purple, Orange, Crimson, Green
    Cities: Allentown, New York, San Francisco, Innsbrook, Chicago
    Landscapes: Mountain peaks, beach, valley, desert, rocky coast
    Interiors: my living room, grandmothers front room, contemporary sleek room with huge fireplace and wall of windows, rustic cabin, entry hall to my childhood home
    Wear: Jeans, hat, sneakers, swirly skirt, hiking boots

  13. Joan, what a combination of dramatic landscapes and sacred interiors!

  14. Carol, we have some landscapes and cities in common - how surprising!

  15. Hypatia - I'm fascinated by your cities; I haven't been to any of them.

  16. Anon - I have a feeling that you live in Europe.

    Rosa - going to your place to comment.

    Gaye - I'm thinking that you and Joan must have some things in common.

  17. Terri - Another one filled with sacred spaces! Plus your kitchen which, from your descriptions of your cooking, is another sacred space.

    Sharon, going to comment on your blog.

  18. Cynthia and Anon 2: More DCs! I am actually surprised that others have named that city.

  19. Laura, your lists look very eclectic.

    Kat, interesting that your interiors are all versions of home to you.

  20. Thank you all for adding to this first round!

  21. Can I still play? I haven't read the subsequent posts on purpose...I saw this on my phone but haven't been near a computer to do it.

    :) Mary Beth

  22. Me too, I wanna play - I saw Cynthia's response to these five things on my blog-reading list, and thought - huh? Then I came over here to see what's going on. I haven't read any of the other questions, let alone any responses to them. So - I'm gonna go do this on my own blog. I hope you have it somewhere? Quid Nunc is its name - but the URL is Hope I have time to do the rest of whatever this is before we leave on our big trip on Monday.

  23. Hi Robin -

    Here are mine: