Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Third Question

My answers to No. 2:

Colors ~ Those of the sea and sky.

Cities ~ The first thing I think of when I see these names together is art: visual ~ including architecture, musical, theater.  And lots and lots of people from just about everywhere there to soak it all up.

Landscapes ~ What I see that they have in common is that they are all edges, borders, places where different terrains or terrain and water merge into something new. Even canyons, formed as they are by water and rock, are created by the encounter of two distinct ingredients.

Interiors ~ With some exceptions, these are all places that blend inside and out: books and views.  The Wernersville library is more about cozy reading spots and stacks of books, and the "treehouse" was an octagonal room high in the trees at the edge of a deck with windows all around but no books at the moment ~ although if it were my personal treehouse it would be filled with books.  My grandmother's living room had two walls with books and looked out on gardens and birdfeeders and hills and fields.  Our condo last Christmas ended up wth books all over the place because we were there, and looked out over the Gulf of Mexico.  And I've never forgotten the living room of the folks whose children I cared for during two high school summers on Cape Cod, which opened onto a porch on three sides and from the porch to the water on one, and looked up to a second floor loft that served as the hallway for the bedrooms on three sides.  A cozy room for reading and listening to music, but wide open to the sea and sky.

Attire ~ I looked at my list and realized that these were all clothing items for the out-of-doors.  Even the sundress is for an afternoon of relaxed reading in an Adirondack chair or an evening meal al fresco.  I see that I did not include a single item that I would consider "professional" wear.  And I had to add a sixth, because I always wear earrings.

Third Question:  What do you consider to be the big question or conundrum of your life?

I should probably warn you at this point that there is absolutely nothing behind these questions other than my own imagination.  I dreamed them up a couple of days ago when I was trying to work something out for myself, and they produced what seemed to me an intriguing insight.

You might just find them fun.  I'm going back to look at all of your answers again.


  1. Book and views! I like!

    As for the third question -- wow! -- the answer to that one is still cloudy and teasing me from the edge of my consciousness. I hope a drive to work this morning will yield some clarity.

  2. Robin, this is a fun, gentle way to engage in some introspection--and your willingness to read and comment on my answers is much appreciated. Off to sit with conondrums for a while...goodness be with you today.

  3. Robin, it's so interesting to read your lists as well as those of the others who've written. Half of my brain is still in MN while the other half is trying to keep up with my feet as they've hit the ground running with a busy work week. You've given me food for thought and even though I'm not sharing my own lists, you've certainly got me thinking - thank you! I'll stay tuned!

  4. I am going to have to think about the big questions in my life. My first response is I don't have any. Which makes me question the response.

    Thanks for this. I enjoyed reading the responses (and look forward to reading more).

    Maggie J

  5. Last answer is on blog and password protected. If you'd like to read, drop me an email at rosaatmedotcom and I'll send it to you. This took an unexpected, meaningful and sort-of hard turn, in a good sort of way..

  6. Rosa, of course I'd like to read it!

  7. oops--so i combined 2 email addresses into 1 wrong one. the password is conundrum :-)

  8. All right, Robin - here's the third question. Makes perfect sense that those things lead to this question for me.

  9. I finally answered the third question here. I am excited to finally get to read the others.

  10. I am catching up...we've had no electricity for two days.

    eeish suddenly it got harder.

    But as I think about it not really. I think God is in everything (I know, too much time amongst the Jesuits), and I think that the Universe is a friendly place, to answer Einstein's question. But I only think this is so. My expereince isn't exactly a good guide. So my fundamental conundrum is how do I open myself to encounter God, to acceptance of that freindliness and how do these encounters and this acceptance work itself out in my day to day life?

  11. Here are my answers.

  12. Is change really possible? Can one person impact, for the better, for health, a family system. Or is the system stronger and the impulse for homeostasis, even if that means dis-ease, too powerful?

    I know, how weird is that?

  13. Robin - I'm also off on a trip, and you have provoked me into serious thinking with question number three - I have a partial answer written, but I'm by no means finished. I'll continue when I return. In the meantime, here's the link to my temporizing about my procrastination. So to speak !