Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Question

Here are mine (which I wrote before I read anyone else's):

colors: teal, purple, cobalt blue, blue gray, turquoise
cities: Santa Fe, Washington, D.C., Paris, Florence, London

landscape:  canyons, Oregon coast, marshes, Maine islands, Lake Michigan coastline

indoor spaces: Wernersville library, my grandmother's living room, treehouse at retreat center I just visited, main room in our Cedar Key condo, living room of Cape Cod employers
clothing: boots, jeans, t-shirts,  sweaters, sundresses, earrings

Next question: Within each of your groups, do you see commonalities?  


  1. What most amazed me was that I saw so much in common with other responders. Places I love showed up over and over again. I'd love to meet each one in RL and get to know them.

    So, commonalities

    Colors pink red blue green orange
    I don't see much in common. I've hit some of each part of the spectrum. But, I didn't like some attach modifies to the colors. Mine are just plain colors. Which I interpret to mean clear, honest, not muddy colors. Crisp.

    cities new york memphis paris hanoi tampa singapore

    I'm struggling for commonalities there. Three are great cities. One is where I live. One is near my uncle's house. Two I've not visited but I plan to this year. One I really don't particularly care for, but I'd go back to in a heartbeat (Paris, yes I know, how can that be?) I also have six cities not five. Wonder what that means. I'm a city girl for sure. Memphis feels a bit small to me. Though it is the same population as Cleveland, my true home, it feels so much more provincial.

    landscapes what is landscapes? Half Dome, Great barrier reef, arches nat'l park, everest, sitka
    Other than Sitka, all are natural wonders, though Sitka is a town with interesting architecture set in great natural beauty and the things I love best: water and mountains. Three are iconic: Half Dome, Arches and Everest. Two I've never been to: Arches and Everest. Each speaks to me of God's creation.

    interiors laliabela, taj, Fairmount PC, notre dame, my house,
    Each is sacred space. Each is beautiful in it's own way. Laliabela, Notre Dame and the Taj Mahal all blew me away with their interiors. I had never expected the churches at Laliabela to have such intricate and beautiful interiors (these are the rock hewn churches in Laliabela, Ethiopia. Go there and experience them.) Fairmount Pres Ch in Cleveland, felt like home to me when I went there the first time, though it didn't look at all like the church I grew up in.

    wear, pjs, dress, capris, running shorts, swimming suit
    Commonalities: what I love to wear. Well, except for the dress.

    So, Robin, you find that I"m not good at following directions, but you probably knew that already. I can't wait to read the others. Thanks for this.

    See you in January, I hope.

  2. I was intrigued to read others responses !
    Colours- these are my 'base'colours and I add colour on top of them, I work as a psychotherapist and use art in my work and in the past was in the teaching of fine art .
    Places- I know and love, some very familiar , some I long to return to- The Golden Temple in Amritsar is beyond words.
    Landscapes- I respond to the visual, as a Londoner I never tire of the London skyline particularly in winter- the landscapes connect me to the world
    Interiors- some public, some private, some for solitary being , some for being in a community
    Wear- speak of comfort and familiarity

  3. I answered here:

  4. I answered the second question here. I'm having fun playing and reading the other responses. Thanks, Robin!

  5. here's an attempt

  6. I am now really curious about where we are going...

    Colours....these are what I usually think of as colours of happiness.
    Cities ... lived in three (New York, Harare, KK) would hate to live in the other two - London, Joburg.
    Landscapes...I don't care to be shut in, and love wide open spaces. All of these are wide open spaces.
    Interiors - 3 churches, 1 synagogue and a museum containing the bones of Lucy in Addis Ababa. All holy spaces to me.
    Clothes .. these are all comfort clothes.

  7. Joan, I had to look up Laliabela when you first posted it. As usual, you come up with the most intriguing places!

  8. Anon, so interesting about your work. Do you have a blog?

  9. Sharon and Rosa, going back to your places for a look.

  10. And Prisca, to yours as well.

    Gaye - the present home of Lucy's bones! One of her discoverers was a scientist connected to our Museum of Natural History at a time when I volunteered there extensively. I had a real Lucy phase in my life.

  11. Colors: Red, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange
    These are all colors that I tend to wear or have in my home in some form or another. I also notice that they're colors that are particularly "summer" in the form of t-shirts, light jackets, and flowers.

    Cities: St. Louis, Chicago, New York, London, Florence
    One is where I live and choose to call home, one where my husband spends close to 50% of his work week, one a city that I'd love to be able to visit on a very regular basis so that I can partake of all the sights and sounds that it offers. London is where my daughter will be studying this fall and, since it's burning, it's on my mind. And Florence, along with the rest of Italy, is a dream destination.

    Landscapes: White Mountains of New Hampshire, Zion National Park, Hawaiian Islands (any and all), Atlantic Ocean in Maine, Caribbean
    When I'm asked if I prefer a beach vacation or a mountain one, I can never answer because I love them both so much. Hence the places I mentioned. Most offer both or are near enough to the other that one can see both with relative ease. And yes, I've visited all of these places.

    Interiors: The Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis, my car, my newly decorated living room, a spa treatment room (anywhere since I'd love a massage and/or facial), Notre Dame
    While I'm not Catholic, as you know, I find the mosaics inside the Cathedral Basilica to be breathtaking and how can one find fault with anything in Notre Dame?! I chose my car because I spend so much time in it and in my living room. A spa--I'm dreaming!

    Things I might wear: sandals, shorts, earrings, comfy fleece jacket, my Lululemon yoga pants
    I chose all casual and comfy clothes. Perhaps this is a reaction to my rather slovenly attitude these days and my feeling so overweight that I take little pleasure in wearing fitted clothing. At least the earrings make me feel more "put together" and I rarely leave home without them in. (Of course I did this morning and it bugged me until I was able to get home and remedy the situation!)

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  13. Colors: no commonality except I like all of these and use them together, wear them, and decorate with these colors.

    Cities: places I have never been but want to. Also, places that show up in my dreams.

    Landscapes: all places I've been and love to be in, places that give me pause long enough to give thanks!

    Interiors: places that have been or are important to me

    Clothes: I like to wear nice clothes and look professional but I most comfortable in jeans and a turtleneck.

  14. I have answered questions one and two here:

    I'm scrolling thru your blog squinting my eyes, Robin, so I won't see questions three and four until I have time tomorrow morning to do them. It's not hard to do this, as my eyes can hardly stay open - it's time for this girl to be tucked into bed!! I'm enjoying other people's lists and commonalities, and can't wait to see the rest of this.