Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Psychology of Timeliness

What do you think?

If someone is habitually late, is it because he is thoughtless?  resisting something?  in need of reassurance that someone will wait for him?

If someone is usually early, is it because she is considerate?  eager to please?  anxious that she will be abandoned?

Just wondering . . .      .


  1. With my "he" and me, it is just the opposite. I am the "within five minutes of being on time is fine" kind of gal, and he is of the "on time is late" philosophy. I personally don't see the point in arriving early. I know that it is a problem for me when guests/ appointments/ interviewees arrive fifteen minutes early. I am not ready for them!...and then I have to interrupt my last-minute preparations to figure out what to do with them.

    I didn't actually answer any of your questions, did I? :D

  2. Not the he and she in this house - that's good -- a good disguise, anyway.

  3. I'm a curmudgeon on this: I believe that being habitually late means a person believes their time is more important than other people's. I think it's extremely rude.

  4. You probably figured out that I'm usually the early one ;-)

  5. I have wondered how it is that David has missed his curfew, but gets to work & to his classes on time. I think I can guess what that means.

    My father was always late as a younger man, and now he tends to be early. Gregg is always on time. He generally observes the speed limit, and when he is driving and someone is tailgating him, he likes to say, "It's not my fault he/she didn't leave home early enough!" He's a 9 on the Enneagram, BTW. =)

  6. My husband was habitually late. If it was crucial that we be somewhere promptly, I'd tell him we had to be there half an hour early. In answer to your questions, I'd say yes to all and add very laid back, spontaneous and easily distracted. It was also a learned behavior. His mother could never be anywhere on time either. I'll add that I used to be a 10 minutes early everywhere kind of girl, and he helped me learn to not stress deadlines so much, even though his lack of punctuality drove me nuts.