Sunday, August 21, 2011

FB Can Be SO Cool!

I grew up out in the country, and went to a small and very rural elementary school.  My boarding school career started in 7th grade but you know, you never forget the people with whom you were little.  There were two sets of twin boys in my elementary grade, and :

October 2010:


You have always been on my mind since 2nd grade. I remember the car accident you were in. I always wanted to know what happened to you. Now I know -God has been good to you.
Your friend

October 2010:
Tom, thank you for your kind note. I don't know whether you have managed to follow everything [in disjointed FB conversations], but we lost one of our 24yo twin sons to suicide 2 years ago, and now I've passed all the exams for ordination in the Presby Church. A good friend tells me that I know well the "harsh reality" of belief, and I suppose I do.

Hope you and YOUR twin are well.

August 2011:

Robin, We had our class party last night and you have a lot of friends who asked about you-Brenda B-Joyce H-Mark S [oh yeah ~ "went" to 6th grade dance with him!]. Hope things are good in your life. Everyone said Hi! 

As a result of that class reunion this past week-end, Tom has connected me with another classmate, a woman who lost one of her twin sons four years ago.  We were probably about 16 when we last saw one another.



  1. I remember my friends from those days as well and wonder what has happened...

  2. a few have floated up in my facebook life too. Since my memory of elementary school is rather poor.. I have asked a few what they remember. and yes, I like this.

  3. Sweet. A few of my HS friends and I have connected on FB but I moved too often to remember anyone younger than when I was 15. This is lovely.