Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm off on a long drive to rescue my spiritual director.  He has recently accepted the post of spiritual director to the priests of a nearby diocese.  I figure that if he is spending his days with Catholic men in black, he needs a visit from a Protestant woman in (very!) bright colors.

Diane at Contemplative Photography depicts my journey more evocatively with this quote from Stephen Butterfield:

"By having to ask for help, I tune into that inexhaustible bank of kindness that is all-pervasive and unconditional, and feels so good when it comes through us to someone else.  Because of my need, his routine changed: maybe he took another step on the path."

I'll be back sometime tonight.  I'm hoping later rather than earlier, as a beach beckons. In the meantime, I notice that y'all are a bit intimidated by question 3!

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