Thursday, August 4, 2011

Someone Else Got My Life

Do you ever feel as if someone else has absconded with your life?

This evening I heard some news about someone and I swear . . .  this person has haunted me for the last three years, with fruit from trees that I thought were mine for the picking falling right into her lap.

I don't mean that she isn't a gifted person who hasn't worked hard ~ she is and she has.

I just mean that ever since Josh's death, every time I turn around, there she is, standing where I thought I would be standing and doing what I thought I would be doing. 

I think I must have stumbled into yet another person's life by mistake.  But believe me, that person isn't  out there somewhere looking around for it.


  1. Oh, Robin. I'm so sorry. Prayers continue....

  2. Yes, I have felt that way before. I wish I could open up about that, and other things, as well as you do. It is a gift and I thank you for sharing your giftedness so generously. Prayers and hugs ...