Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Request for Jennifer

If you are the Jennifer who was so kind as to send me an email with attachments today, would you please resend it?

The one engineering deficiency in the iphone is that the delete mail button is just above the close button.  I'm afraid that I frequently miss.

Actually, there is a second deficiency: when you delete mail from an iphone, it is really gone.  If there is a way to retrieve it, I have no idea what that might be.



  1. It really is way too easy to accidentally delete things, but they are not necessarily gone forever! There should be a folder called "trash" or something similar which holds a certain number of recently deleted items. It may still be in there!

  2. No, for some reason, things deleted from the iphone do not end up anywhere except gone. Immediately.

  3. I guess I have my iPhone set to hold deleted items in my Trash for a week beforedeleting--and it's a good thing because I feel like I frequently go dig something back out that I thought I was done with or accidentally deleted!