Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Growing Edgy . . Er . . . Edges

What I've been thinking about while I've been quietly at home for several days:

This past year has been one of listening.  Endless listening.

You know how when someone unexpectedly says something that you can't quite believe was said and you're so astonished that you say nothing in response, but a little while later the appropriate words come to mind?

Yeah, I've been slipping into that sinkhole a little too frequently.

So I guess I'll stop.


  1. That's a perfect word: edgy. I have been feeling so edgy lately that you could say I'm serrated. Maybe it's time to take up yoga. Or centering prayer!

  2. Bad news alert: I think that my yoga and prayer practices are making me edgier!

  3. I fall into that sinkhole all the time. Thought it was menopause.

  4. btw, election years make for edginess. that's another possibility...

  5. Thank you for mentioning menopause, Karen East - I pretty sure that's a factor for me, too. And Robin, thanks for the yoga and prayer bad-news alert. Isn't it interesting? That's why I don't pray that way very often. Taking a walk and listening to praise music was very good today - just letting the energy go and the tears seep out. Love to both of you!

    1. Actually, the "bad" news part was tongue-in-cheek. As I get more centered, I become more calm and more self-confident -- and more likely to speak out.