Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogging (Friday Five)

Well, the Friday Five is up, and I have a couple of major projects to complete, so I am in procrastination overdrive.  Hence, another post!  Jan writes:

Blogging at Google's Blogger, I recently was boondoggled by the new designs of the site, which includes my blog. I felt like I had lost track of all the blogs I daily check so that I asked for help both at my blog and on Facebook! Still trying to learn the ways of these new ways of blogging, I am turning our minds to blogging for this Friday Five.

1. When did you start blogging? What/who prompted you?

I started blogging on AOL  journals in March of 2004.  I had some kind of idea that I would get healthier (read: lose weight)  if I engaged my struggles in writing, in public.  That didn't happen, but I had a lot of fun, and I think that my writing improved, thanks to the daily discipline of putting something out there.  Those were great days -- pre-automatic readers, it wasn't unusual for a post to garner 15-25 comments, and a little community began to grow.  Two friends from those days are still blogging, and we remain faithful readers of one another.

2. How often do you post? How often do you visit blogging friends and/or other blogs?

I post most days, and there are several blogs which I read every day.  And several more which I read on occasion.

3. Why do you keep on blogging?

Beats me.  No, seriously, many of the things which have happened in my life are not all that usual, which is to say that among my circles of local friends, I have few who share the same experiences.  Blogging broadens the possibilities considerably.  None of my close friends at home have lost a child, but I have developed several deep friendships with other bereaved mothers through blogging.  None of my close friends here have had breast cancer, but a RevGal came to the rescue with emails and a phone call when I was at my lowest.  I could offer several more examples; they boil down to: I enjoy being connected to  a bigger world than the one within my physical grasp. 

4. What do you like to write about?


5. Have your blogging habits changed--or are they changing?

I used to both write and read more about politics (a little), travel, and photography.  After Josh died, I lost interest in pretty much everything, although I could force myself to deal with what was right in front of my nose.  I'd like to think that that's beginning to change.

Bonus: Recommend a blog or two.

You'll have to go to today's previous post for that!


  1. Sometimes I just hit a blog wall. What else is there to say that will be therapy for me (my blogging is selfish), and interesting to others. I shy away from being frankly honest for fear of hurting others, but after Karen West's blog post of yesterday, I may forge ahead with something boiling inside of me. I am always thankful for your frankness. I think it is a key component of successful blogging. And by success, I mean good for me, good for others.

    1. I do keep the darkest stuff to myself, difficult as that may be to believe.

      I blog selfishly, too, but I know from what people write to me, often privately, that it resonates with others, just as what other people like you women write helps me so much.

      If I get to be very old, maybe I will write the unvarnished truth. If that's even possible.

  2. Robin, I appreciate your continuance in blogging--also selfishly, as your words help me recognize God in my own struggles and daily life. Thank you for posting both about 7 random items and today's FF.

  3. I remember when I first came across your blog...Gannet Girl. The RevGals shared the news of Josh's death with a link to your blog. I've been a reader ever since.

  4. the ways the history of the internet and our own blogging histories intersect is interesting, isn't it? what a beautiful header image; thanks for playing--peace!