Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Interior Design

A few days ago, I posted some pictures from my church office, and promised (?) that there would be more.  Herewith, the more:

You can see that it's a small place.  I use it to meet with people ~ it's a cozy place for conversation ~  but when I'm working on something that involves research and writing, I need a lot more room to spread out.  And there's no room for my books books books. I moved one of the curtains because light is essential to my well-being.

When I headed for seminary, some of my friends asked what I'd like for a going-away gift.  (I was coming back in four days!)  I asked for a framed copy of Naomi Shihab Nye's poem, Kindness ("Before you know what kindness is, you must lose things."  Umm-hmm.):

Last fall, I went to a spiritual directors' continuing ed day on art and spiritual direction, and left with one of the presenter's mandalas.  The colors made me think Spring! on a dreary and rainy October afternoon:

And this is one of my favorite ordination gifts, from a reader who prefers to correspond off-blog:

Sorry about the lighting.  The book is called And Grace Will Lead Me Home and it presents a collection of artistic interpretations of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, now housed at Luther Seminary.  It's one of those books which you approach an image or a page or two at a time, and of course it immediately got me to thinking: Should I start a collection of images and three-dimensional artwork focused on the Woman at the Well?  I'm a little afraid that someone might decide to unload a full-sized well on me, or a collection of antique buckets!  And where would those go ?!